Definition of Model

What is a Model?

(1) A synthetic coordination entity that closely approaches the properties of a metal ion in a protein and yields useful information concerning biological structure and function. Given the fact that the term is also loosely used to describe various types of molecular structures, constructed, for example, in the computer, the term biomimetic is more appropriate.

(2) A representation or simulation for device structure, process equipment, or a management system.

(3) An abstract, graphical representation of the logical essence of something that allows focusing on characteristics of interest, study, or critical perspectives, views, or aspects to gain understanding and insight into a subject in a manner that is isolated from physical constraints. [SEMATECH]

(4) An explicit description of the data, state, and method information required for each process or application. [SEMATECH]

(5) A set of mathematical or logical relationships that describes how a system behaves or should behave. [SEMATECH]

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