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Old April 5th, 2005, 15:51
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Default drawing and naming structures

hi everyone i have my final asignment due in two weeks time and i am down to the finally question and i must say i am stumped. Here is the question and maybe someone can help me out.

Draw the structure and give an acceptable name for compounds A through G in the reaction schemes below:

Toluene + NBS + CCl4 --> A + Li --> B + CuI --> C + CH3CH2CH2Br --> D

PhHC=CHPh + Br2+ CCl4 --> E + 2NaNH3 + NH3 --> F + H + Pd/C --> G

so far i have the following compound figured out (i think)

A= Alpha-bromotoluene

I will post more answers here when i figuer them out
Old April 7th, 2005, 01:57
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I think A is toluene with a bromine substituted on the CH3 group. If that's what alpha bromo toluene is, then I agree with you. B should be A with the Br replaced by Li. For C and D look up "lithium organocuprates" in your organic chemistry textbook.

Once you've worked on that, post back here again and let me know where you're at.
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