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    which is an oxidizing agent S or N and why?

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    S. Being an oxidizing agent means that it can easily accept electrons. Sulfur is more electronegative than nitrogen. The periodic table contains the electronegativity data of elements. The other way to look at is is through their electron configuration. Sulfur is much more capable of accepting electrons, being deprived of just two more electrons for a complete octet. Nitrogen on the other hand needs 3 more, greater than that of sulfur. just get back here if you need more explanation.

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    i always couldn't remember which was which. the trouble with oxidizing agents is that they are reduced and reducing agents are oxidized.


    oxidation is loss (a substance is oxidized when it loses electrons)

    reduction is gain (a substance is reduced when it gains electrons)

    oxidizing agents oxidize things. this means they themselves are reduced. this means they gain electrons.

    reducing agents reduce things. this means they themselves are oxidized. this means they lose electrons.

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